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You do not complain about your visual status, however, from time to time you see some strange spots? Do you know that glaucoma can develop for 20 years without noticeable symptoms? Due to technological development, from an early age our eyes are put at risk. The most modern ophthalmic diagnostic equipment will provide you a peaceful sleep. 

We provide:

Treatment of strabismus and amblyopia

Detection and treatment of vision defects: hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism

Treatment of uveitis including retinal complications as zoonotic diseases: toxoplasmosis, toxocariasis, filariasis, a disease "cat scratch" and others

Treatment of ocular complications of infectious diseases - cytomegalovirus, Lyme disease, rubella,

Treatment of inflammation of the edges of eyelids-  diagnosis of grain mites.

Treatment of ocular complications of allergy-conjunctivitis, keratitis

In diabetes

In other metabolic diseases

In neurology- migraine, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, stroke, state of brain tumors and other neurological disorders.

For more information call 42 251 61 71 or e mail us at the following address: rejestracja@hepavita.pl




Vision defects detected early give a better chance of a full recovery. Not long time ago, the only form of diagnosis was observation, but

Program medyczny w naszej klinice!

Program medyczny w naszej klinice!

KIlka dni temu w murach naszej kliniki gościliśmy reporterów Telewizji Aleksandrów, którzy przy współpracy z naszymi specjalistami



In HEPAVITA we provide the following services in the field of opthalmologic/ plastic surgery on the camera protective



Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego oraz z budżetu państwa Fundusze Europejskie dla rozwoju regionu łódzkiego