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For most patients the dental surgery is associated with the removal of teeth. In fact, this is only one of many elements in this field of medicine. In our center, we offer comprehensive services in the field of minimally invasive surgery.

Outpatient Surgery:

benign tumors of the lips, tongue, floor of the mouth, cheek carpal throat, salivary glands, maxillary sinus,

incision of abscesses, boils,

operations of salivary, leathery cyst in the bottom of oral cavity,

treatments in the extent of the oral mucosa,

developmental teeth disorders, supernumerary teeth, twin fused teeth, stuck in the maxillary sinus, temporal, in alveolar cleft, and palate, the nasal passages

alveoloplasty of upper and lower jaw,

plasticity of lip frenulum top, bottom, tongue, cheeks,

operations of wired salivary stones

repositioning of dislocated jaw, dislocated teeth, displaced,

maxillary sinus operations with the removal of teeth, the lights of radicular cysts,

removal of impacted wisdom teeth

enucleation radicular cysts, union,

CO2 laser treatments:

Plasticity of upper, bottom lip frenulum, tongue, cheeks, deepening of the buccal cavity,

operations of congestive cyst, leathery smooth cell fibroid located deep in the bottom of oral cavity,

operations of face and mouth hemangiomas,

operations of pleomorphic adenomas of the lips, cheeks,


face and neck atheromas,



warts common angle of the mouth and lips, 

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Dental treatment should not be associated with pain. Knowledge and experience connected with the new technology – this is a brief



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